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Getting Key Duplicates Made Easy

A lot of people, both experienced and beginners, are not comfortable with the idea of duplicating their own car keys or the keys of other vehicles they drive. For this reason, they opt to buy them from the dealer who sold them a key or they ask for duplicates of lost keys from owners whom they cannot reach or are too far away. It is not impossible to do this with household items such as radios and televisions, however there is a high risk when it comes to duplicating car keys. Many amateur locksmiths can also make duplicate keys using household items, but for professional locksmiths in Indianapolis, it is not possible.

There are two kinds of professional locksmith in Indianapolis, which you can contact to help you out with this issue. One kind of locksmith is well trained to be able to duplicate car and home keys as well as master keys. The second kind of professional locksmith in Indianapolis is well trained to be able to duplicate vehicle and home keys as well as master keys. This second type of locksmith is able to do so because he has been trained to be able to duplicate them using specific equipment that is normally used by these locksmiths. This equipment includes but is not limited to key blanking machines.

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Key blanking machines make duplicate keys by cutting a hole in the key. The hole that is made will have to be the same size as the hole on the original key. The blanked key will also have to be the same size and shape. These keys will then be inserted into the blanked key slot of the duplicated key. There is usually only one moveable part in these duplicates which will be the plunger or button that can be pushed to close the cylinder.

Another thing that makes these key duplicates unique is that they can only be done if the holes on the key are drilled in the metal. This means that first time buyers of cars will not be able to get their keys made using this method. In addition to this, keys that are drilled but not made cannot be re-sized using this kind of equipment. An experienced locksmith in Indianapolis is able to drill out both the standard holes and also the special holes that are required to create key duplicates.

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There are some other things that the locksmith in Indianapolis is able to do. They can be able to create a security lock and will be able to add the new key to the old key that is already in the lock. In doing this they can ensure that the new key will be able to open the door with a minimal amount of effort. When a duplicate car key is added to an existing security lock the old security lock will be removed and replaced with the new one.

Duplicate car keys are not the only things that the locksmith in Indianapolis is able to do. They are also able to make any number of duplicates for any number of cars. If you have duplicates for every vehicle in your fleet this can save the company a lot of money as well as a lot of hassle. It is generally considered a good idea to keep all of your vehicles’ duplicates in the same place as your original so that you do not need to go around looking for the spare key for each vehicle.


The cost of hiring a locksmith in Indiana is relatively affordable compared to other types of services that people in this area tend to use. Some people do not feel that they are worth the price though. That is why it is important to make sure that you shop around before deciding on who you want to use. This way you will know that you are getting the best deal possible. The cost of a service will vary according to what the locksmith is charging. Most of them charge a flat fee for the time that they will be taking care of your locks.

Duplicate key duplicates are one way that people in Indianapolis can protect their home and cars. It is easy to protect your own property when you have the right key duplicates. In order to make sure that you are getting the right copies you should make sure that you hire a professional locksmith. This way you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are getting the right key duplicates.

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